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Based on 12 years of scientific research, we have developed two unique solutions to enable fast, easy, and sustainable transformation: our Purpose-led Value Modeling™ (PVM®) method with two unique canvasses, and our online Validated Expert Platform™. You can use PVM® to optimize the performance of your firm, your brands, your departments, and your people. You can also use it to create highly effective project-based change programs - from realizing a new IT system or implementing a new HR approach to optimizing your sales or creating a new marketing approach.

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Purpose-led Value Modeling™, or PVM®, is a proven, science-based methodology for quickly, easily, and sustainably realizing true transformations within companies and among people. The foundation for this lies in finding the so-called ‘inner why’ or purpose of the entity you want to transform and translating that into a timeless, accompanying strategy, time and space-bound tactical plans, and last but not least a truly effective realization of the transformation. The only way to achieve true transformation is by changing behavior, and changing behavior means observing your limiting beliefs and conditioning and replacing this with better, more effective behavior. Change without a change in behavior simply doesn’t work and is a waste of time and money. PVM® Change Agents are unique specialists in the behavioral change needed to achieve sustainable transformations in a refined and methodical way.



The PVM® Method and Canvasses offer you a unique 31-step change methodology that helps you find your company’s purpose and turn that into a fully effective strategy, a communication manifestation, cultural values, and a tactical plan. It always substantially accelerates your revenue and profit.


The PVM® Method and Canvasses offer you the 31-step change methodology that helps you find your brand’s purpose and turn that into a fully effective brand strategy, communication manifestation, and tactical plan to fully realize your brand in the world. It will radicalize your brand’s performance.


The PVM® Method and Canvas include our unique WHYUARE SCAN® and HOWUARE SCAN® to find your intrinsic purpose and true natural talents and turn them into an effective, purposeful strategy and execution. You will be the best version of yourself, leading to complete fulfillment and results.


The PVM® Method and Canvas can also be used to optimize your division, department, or unit. Find the purpose or the ‘intrinsic why’ of your department, optimize the department’s strategy and tactics, and create an environment that optimally supports the company’s purpose and results.


The PVM® Method and Canvas helps you create effective, accelerated project-based change in project-based activity – from realizing a new IT system or implementing a new HR approach to optimizing your sales or creating a new marketing approach. PVM® helps you accelerate any change.


Our Experts Platform offers you online access to the best and brightest PVM® certified Change Agents and other validated experts. You can hire these specialists to run a PVM® Program for you, and hire certified, validated experts in every other business field to help with implementation.


If you want to transform your company, brand, department, and/or people into the best version of themselves, we can create an integrated program for you using our PVM® method, canvasses, and additional services such as helping you create great ad campaigns and supporting organizational implementation.


In the old days we used to hire traditional consultants or other specialists when we had a problem that needed to be fixed. The Purpose-led Business Modeling approach works differently. It is a unique, systematic and higly effective approach that I truly recommend.
Gaby Vreeken Marketing Director Bayer Consumer Care
We used Purpose-led Business Modeling with a leadership coalition of 90 participants. A unique program that worked out even better than we expected. It created great ownership within the organization and met all the objectives we had set and more. absolutely unique!
Leo Oosterveer CEO Unilever Food Solutions
If there are elements within our business that need to be optimized, or where change is desirable, we use Purpose-led Business Modeling. It's that simple!
Hong Liem Commercial Director Walt Disney Benelux
A few years ago I met Eric Bartels, researcher, author and CEO of WhyToWork Global. For 12 years, Eric has been researching the behavior of purpose-driven companies and has not only written three books about it, but also developed a unique method together with his research team, called Purpose-led Business Modeling ™. I realized this approach could lift us to a whole new level, not only because it is much faster and more effective than anything we have done before, but also because there is full ownership among employees and you see real improvements in daily operations, including unprecedented sales increases. It is a workshop-based approach I can honestly recommend to everyone.
Frits van Eerd Chairman Jumbo Supermarkten
Something unexpected happened during our Purpose-led Business Modeling program. We had expected our customer satisfaction rate and revenue to go up, but we also thought we would have to spend more money to achieve that. Our ratings did go up, but operating expenses actually decreased. And there were more unexpected changes: profit and employee motivation went through the roof, product innovation accelerated and absenteeism went down. We have never seen changes like that!
Johan Buigholt Strategy Officer at Univé
Robijn is the leading brand of detergent, softener and fragrance sticks in the Netherlands. We did a WhyToWork brand program to find and formulate the intrinsic why or purpose of the brand and turn that into the right strategy and the right advertising on all levels. The Purpose-led Business Modeling™ approach WhyToWork uses is a great way to organize your brand in the right logical levels leading to a very specific identity with which advertising agencies can work. It aids in the sharpening of advertisements by testing against target-specific archetypal needs.
Erik Liebe Marketing Manager Laundry Unilever
Omo is one of the oldest detergent brands in the world. In the WhyToWork program we went back to the roots of the brand and found its archetypal purpose which led to a much sharper and deeper brand positioning. The Purpose-led Business Modeling™ approach WhyToWork uses was of great help. It accelerates the work to be done and deepens the positioning of your brand. Advertising is drastically sharpened.
Erik Liebe Marketing Manager Laundry Unilever
We used WhyToWork's Purpose-led Business Modeling method to streamline our business-to-business operations in the Benelux and we loved their approach as it helps you see your organization in a different light. It is as unconventional as it is effective.
Ton van Garderen General Manager Apple Benelux
We did a Purpose-led Business Modeling program with our regional managers to improve our customer intimacy. They were truly challenged and the results were radically streamlining and accelerating our sales efforts.
Paul Verheul COO Van Oord Marine Ingenuity
We ran a Purpose-led Business Modeling program to streamline our fast growing organization. It has led to a profound positive change in our company.
Alex Goldblum CEO Eurofiber Eurofiber
We have used the Purpose-led Business Modeling methodology to find and activate the purpose of Unilever in the Benelux, connect it to the overall purpose of Unilever Globally and further optimize our operations. We also continue to use the PBM method to fine-tune and optimize our brands. The very fact that we use the PBM method and canvas for the most important parts of our business says it all. PBM is a refined, yet simple methodology that works wonders.
Conny Braams CEO Unilever Benelux
We hired a PBM Consultant to run the Purpose-led Business Modeling Program for us. We wanted to find the purpose of our company and turn that into an accompanying strategy and effective culture change. We did the program with 30 managers and achieved amazing results. In the first year after the program, both top and bottomline went up through the roof!
Peter Verhagen CEO Sonneveld Bakery Solutions
We employed a Purpose-led Business Modeling program to strengthen our brand. Before the program, we were the 53rd most popular brand in the Netherlands, within a year of the program, we moved up to 6th position. That actually speaks volumes about the success of the program.
Rob Willemsen CCO Bolletje Bakeries
We have completed a WhyToWork branding program for our ice cream brand Hertog, which resulted in a unique experience, even for our experienced marketeers. The intrinsic why of the brand was uncovered. The purpose. We discovered that our brand became removed from its original passion throughout the years. And we realized how this happened. As a marketeer subject to the pressure of market conditions, you operate the whole day in the what rather than the how and why. This was a pivotal insight that we gained during the WhyToWork program. Going on this insight, we found Hertog's permanent and intrinsic why and how that now forms the permanent directive in everything that we do with the brand.
Sebastien Deneux Senior brand development manager Unilever
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