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We only exist because our clients want us to exist. That is the simple truth for any company, but we often notice that people in companies tend to forget that simple truth. We don't. We know we are only here because you want us to be. That is why we keep asking customers to tell us what they love about us and what we can do better. That way, we learn and grow. Every day. You can find a selection of customer testimonials below.

Gaby Vreeken I chairman unilever nordic

"In the old days, we used to hire traditional consultants or other specialists when we had a problem that needed to be fixed. WhyToWork works differently. It first scans your organization to see how congruent and effective your company's purpose is: do you really know - functionally and psychologically - why your customers buy from you? Then it offers its WhyToWork Purpose Initiation program method to sharpen and deepen your company's purpose and update your strategy accordingly and define ambitions accordingly. Next, it offers its Purpose Utilization Program to turn those ambitions into goals, specific, integrated tactical plans, measurables and implementation.

Moreover, this program entails so much more than functional planning. It helps your management and employees to change their beliefs and behaviors from symptom-based thinking to system-based thinking and to integrate all their efforts. A huge shift in mentality and behavior that helps your organization become a true ultra-performer.

In the implementation phase, WhyToWork offers you access to vetted and certified independent specialists that can assist you with the actual changes at hand.

WhyToWork is a unique, systemic and highly effective approach I truly recommend."

Gaby Vreeken

Ruud Cassee I interim ceo fashion

"As interim CEO, I have seen and managed many companies. Every company likes to present itself as a well-organized, long-term driven, purposeful entity. But reality looks quite different. Most companies are opportunistic and ultra-short-term driven. A bunch of people running around fixing day-to-day problems.

If you talk to their leaders, they always tell you they first have to fix this and that before they have time for a more strategic and long-term approach. And the strategy they do have in place often consists of nothing more than a few mid-term commercial and financial goals.

Yet they manage to achieve results that satisfy their shareholders or bosses, but it costs them a hell of a lot of energy. WhyToWork proposes a different approach that saves you tons of time and money and turns your company into a true ultra-performer. It transforms your company from organized chaos into a purposeful, long-term-driven, systemic, integrated, sharply focused, smooth and effective organization that generates maximum value. Every company can benefit from this unique approach."

Ruud Cassee

Johan Buigholt I strategy officer at univé

"Something unexpected happened during our WhyToWork programs. We had expected our customer satisfaction rate and revenue to go up, but we also thought we would have to spend more money to achieve that. Our ratings did go up, but operating expenses actually decreased. And there were more unexpected changes: profit and employee motivation went through the roof, product innovation accelerated and absenteeism went down. We have never seen changes like that!"

Johan Buigholt

Rob Willemsen I cco bolletje bakeries

"We employed a WhyToWork program to strengthen our brand. Before the program, we were the 53rd most popular brand in the Netherlands, within a year of the program, we moved up to 6th position. That actually speaks volumes about the success of the program."

Rob Willemsen

Paul Verheul I coo van oord dredging

"We did a whytowork program with our regional managers to improve our customer intimacy. They were truly challenged and the results were radically streamlining and accelerating our sales efforts. "

Paul Verheul

Leo Oosterveer, ceo unilever fs

"In my previous job as CEO of Unilever's worldwide food solutions operation, we thought we had everything in place: great brand value, great products, highly productive marketing & communications and an operation that was running smoothly. Yet I knew we could do better.

What was missing was a strong central purpose that would drive - and systemically integrate - all our efforts, leading to a more lean and mean, fast and flexible organization. That is why we conducted a WhyToWork program with a leadership coalition of 90 participants. A unique do-it-yourself consultancy program that worked out even better than we expected. It created great ownership within the organization and met all the objectives we had set and more. Absolutely unique!"

Leo Oosterveer

Ton van Garderen I ceo apple benelux

"We used WhyToWork to streamline our business-to-business operations in the Benelux and we loved their approach as it helps you see your organization in a different light. It is as unconventional as it is effective."

Ton van Garderen

Hong Liem I cco walt disney benelux

"If there are elements within our business that need to be optimized, or where change is desirable, we use WhyToWork's purpose-led business modeling method. It is that simple. We did the purpose programs a long time ago and nowadays we use WhyToWork to hire temporary specialists in any of our departments in our ongoing effort to improve our organization. So you can keep using WhyToWork as a highly cost effective and flexible alternative to classic consultancy after the purpose programs are finished. We really love that!"

Hong Liem

Alex Goldblum & Bart Oskam Eurofiber

"We ran a WhyToWork program to streamline our fast growing organization. It is quite different from a traditional consultancy approach as it leverages the know-how and capabilities in your own company instead of relying on external advice. We really love that approach, as it creates true ownership within your own company. It has led to profound positive change in our company. Today everyone works from the same purpose, unifying all our efforts."

Alex Goldblum & Bart Oskam

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